Mitt Is Right!!

Mitt Romney has been attempting to prove to the American people that his economic ideas will work to end this recession. He has PROMISED to produce 12 million jobs. How? He wants to reduce government expenditures, he wants to cease having government stimulate the economy, he wants to cut, cut, cut and force those lacking jobs to finally get off their butts and take a job. After all, there is need for people to pick peaches, to clean up garbage, but until Mitt can get those lazy bums who feel entitled to pick up a shovel, we will never get this economy back to the right position.

There  is now evidence to support the Romney thesis. Governments in Europe have been cutting government expenditures, they have reduced unemployment benefits, they are preaching the doctrine of austerity and now we have proof that Mitt is right. Euro-Zone UNEMPLOYMENT IS NOW HIGHER THAN EVER BEFORE! No, it is not the high 7.4% in the United States. It has now reached 11.6%!

Unemployment in Spain ranges from 22.4% to 25.8%.

Portugal from 13.1% to 15.7%

Greece:  17.8% to 25.1%

Vote Mitt and get on the dole– if there is one.