Mitt Is Upset!

Mitt Romney is upset. Mitt Romney does not believe President Obama is telling the truth about his leadership of the Bain company. Mitt Romney believes it is terrible when politicians utter misstatement concerning the record of their opponents. Mitt Romney wants an apology from the president of the United States. Mitt Romney wants Barack Obama to stand in the corner holding a sign that says, “I will not lie again about Mitt Romney’s record and acknowledge this man single handedly ending unemployment in America.”

Let me get this straight. Mitt Romney wants an apology because Barack Obama distorted his record! Mitt, for years Republicans have claimed:

1. Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

2.  Barack Obama is a Muslim.

3. Barack Obama is a Socialist.

4. Barack Obama wants to set up Death Panels under the Affordable Care Act.

5. Barack Obama caused the economic collapse.

I think Mitt will need a big sign to carry when he goes to the corner!