Mitt Magnificent In Primaries!

Mitt  had the bucks and Mitt rolled over opposition in Maryland, and Wisconsin. He basically crushed Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich and left Ron Paul with his normal eight or nine percent of the vote. Rick  is determined to continue on with his quest to be heard in the media. After all, the longer he talks about God and morality the  greater the probability he will wind up with a nice book contract and make gobs of money on the lecture circuit. Rick insists that Mitt is simply a white skinned version of the black evil LIBERAL man who currently resides in the White House.

Mitt made clear how he will conduct this campaign. DEFEND BUSINESS INTERESTS. “When you attack business and villify success, you are going to  have less business and less success.” The stock market has reached its highest level in four years, business is sitting on $2 TRILLION in reserve,  and each month witnesses more and more jobs. See what happens when America has a president who hates business!