Mitt Meets Newt

There are reports that Newt Gingrich met with Mitt Romey in a secret location in Louisiana in order to discuss something. Newt insists that while there might have been a meeting he is certain there was no meeting. He made clear that rumors of Mitt paying off his political debts are not exactly accurate and that he intends to pursue his quest for the presidential nomination. Well, he is not going to say for certain that he will not drop out, but he certainly believes in the old adage to “follow the money.”

I am almost positive there was a meeting. I expect during the following days to hear Newt make the following statements:

When I refer to Mitt Romney as “being incapable” I simply meant that he was incapable of telling lies.

When I referred to Mitt Romney as a man who fired people while heading Bain company I simply was attempting to prove he was  a brilliant executive who fired incompetent people.

When I referred to Mitt Romney as attempting to use money to win the nomination I was simply attempting to point out that it was my incompetence that resulted in not having enough money. Thank God that Mitt had it.

Did I negotiate to become the Secretary of State, I can only state that God in His infinite wisdom would welcome me to have that post. After all, I am the leading historian in America and know more about foreign policy than any living man–or women!