Mitt Miffed About Israel Language

Once again, Mitt Romney accused the Obama administration of “throwing Israel under the bus.” Some Democrats wanted to exclude from the platform language that recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Obama made certain it was in the platform. Some delegates wanted to exclude the word, “God,” from the platform and Obama made certain it was. His reason is simple, as a devout Muslim, he believes in God– I await that explanation from Romney. So, what is the Obama record toward Israel:

1. It has provided Israel with hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid.

2. It has provided Israel with advanced systems to prevent missiles.

3. It has taken a tough stand on Iran including the most rigid economic sanctions ever placed on that country.

4. US and Israel military leaders constantly discuss strategy.

5. The US State Department has NOT taken a strong stand against seizure of Palestinian land on the West Bank.

6. The State Department has backed away from urging talks with Palestinian leaders.

As for God, frankly Mitt, he really doesn’t want his name used by any person on planet Earth!