Mitt Miffed Over Obama “Gifts”

Mitt Romney is miffed at losing an election to some black dude whose parents were not wealthy and successful. Mitt came out with an honest evaluation as to why he lost the election. Defeat did not occur because his opponent had more successful ideas, no, the president stole the election by handing out billions to those from whom he wanted votes!  “The president’s campaign focused on giving targeted groups big gifts so he made an effort on small things.” In the end, Obama was “very generous to blacks, Hispanics and young people.”

Mitt lived in fantasy world during the election and it is clear he still remains an inhabitant of the other world. OK, so Mitt backed billions of dollars in free tax deductions for the wealthy. OK, so Mitt favored allowing anyone with wealth to employ dozens of tax loopholes to avoid paying taxes–he only paid at a 14% rate, but such gifts are not really gifts, they are entitlements for the wealthy.

Mitt can return to Bain and blame it on the black dude.