Mitt Miffs On Taxes

The easiest way to make conservative Republican candidates remain silent is posing the following question: “Exactly what is the taxation rate which you pay on income?” Mitt Romney has an estimated fortune of about $250 million and unlike most of we ordinary tax payers who pay over twenty or even thirty percent, the Mitt man pays at a somewhat lower range. “What is the effective rate I’ve been paying? It’s probably closer to the 15% rate than anything.”

If one believes in American free enterprise, then one must support lower taxes for our millionaires. After all, they are the ones who fire people in order to create jobs. If you raise taxes on these noble warriors they might decamp to another country and we would lose their work in creating jobs by firing people. They are the ones who seek reduction  in health care for middle class and poor people. Why? If those folk lack work they will focus on physical fitness and thus live longer.

God bless Mitt  Romney. Isn’t it about time we ended ALL taxes on millionaires?