Mitt Muffs Muff

It has taken a long time but Mitt Romney finally got around to speaking from his heart and allowing all Americans to finally understand his goals as president. He told wealthy donors that 47% of Americans are loafers who prefer getting money from the government to working. He was firm in condemning redistribution of income as a “foreign concept.” When confronted by the media, the man who stands firm for the wealthy refused to back down.

Of course, the “loafers” like me who at age 82 receive “government money” paid our Social Security taxes for over fifty years, we paid personal property taxes, we paid sales taxes, and we even volunteered to defend our nation by entering the armed forces. I confess, Mitt, in the armed forces we did not pay income taxes, we sort of were busy doing something you never liked to do–risk our lives for ALL Americans!

As for redistribution of money, it has happened, just as Mitt claims. However, the money went from the middle class to the wealthy! The top five percent in America now possess about 45% of our wealth. Mitt is right, that is a “foreign concept.”