Mitt Nixes Marriage Vow

There are critics who insist Mitt Romney will not take a stand. OK, years ago as governor, he did take a stand for health care but that was before he realized the stand he took was really the opposite of the stand he wanted. He was asked by a conservative Christian group, Family Leader to sign “The Marriage Vow” which blasts gays and claims black folk were happy as slaves because they had a two parent family in the shacks on plantations. Mitt faced a dilemma. He finally decided not to sign the vow on grounds the oath “contained inferences and provisions undignified and inappropriate for a presidential candidate.” However, he wants the world, and all Americans to know “he strongly supports traditional marriage.” Michele Bachmann signed the vow as did former senator Rich Santorum.

There are unconfirmed reports that President Barack Obama will meet with Family Leader leaders in order to work out a compromise statement that would be approved by Wall Street Hedge Fund operators. The president wants Americans to know he will do all in his power go prevent discord in the nation.