Mitt Not Ill In Illinois

Mitt won the Republican primary in the fair state of Illinois and poor Rick Santorum was last seen on his knees praying to God or someone. For some reason Rick still does not get the message that most Catholics do NOT agree with his ideas concerning birth control, abortion and the role of women in a marriage. Newt is not getting anywhere in his campaign other than raising money and making speeches in which he makes clear if the choice is to retire in grace, he would prefer funding a trip using his campaign money.


Of course, once Romney gets the nomination then comes the interesting part, on which platform will he run? Against contraception, firing more and more people, lowering taxes so the deficit rises, telling the elderly to get a job and quit hanging around in retirement homes?

We all know Mitt has God on his side. We know he wants to attack Iran and, in so doing, send gas prices over $6, this is all known. The question for Mitt is whether Americans want high gas prices and a man in the White House who has a direct line to God?

In fairness to Mitt, he does LOOK the part of president.