Mitt Reveals He Is Mitt!

There is no question that at the 2016 Republican convention, the name, the person, the words of one Mitt Romney will not be present. His nonstop endeavor to prove to the American people that he is a wealthy, spoiled, nasty individual are now clear, not only to the American people, but to members of his own party. It is customary when losing a presidential election to at least act in a presidential manner in conceding the loss. Romney remarks to his wealthy donors simply indicate the pettiness, the anger and hate in the heart of this man. In America when we lose, we accept responsibility, we do not blame the winner.

Mitt Romney will not be invited in 2014 to campaign for anyone, he will simply join the man in Texas who chops wood and still insists there were WMD in Iraq. The Republican party lacks anyone who comes across as an individual who cares about all Americans. The party must shed its Tea Party image and return to mainstream America.