Mitt Romney For Something!

Today is Saturday and Mitt Romney is for something concerning health care in America. OK, so as governor of Massachusetts he pushed through a health care bill that compelled all to secure health insurance. OK, so the Obama plan had the same proviso. After the Roberts decision was announced, Mitt agreed the Affordable Care Act was not a tax, but a mandate. OK, so after he said that, Mitt then decided he really didn’t mean what he said and then came out claiming the health care law was a tax.

There are unconfirmed reports Mitt is considering Herman Cain as his running mate. After all, with Herman speaking in his rambling confusing manner, then Mitt comes across as an articulate individual. Mitt wants to become president of the United States, and he is prepared to go to any length, to say anything, that would get him the presidency. He just  got another $100 million.

Now the question is: exactly what does one say about anything, given one has all that money?