Mitt Romney On Obama

Critics charge Mitt Romney with not being able to take a stand, but the fighting former governor of Massachusetts came out swinging at the man who is responsible for all ills in America and the world–Barack Obama. Mitt did admit the president was not responsible for the recession, but “he has made things worse.” He termed the Democrat among the most “ineffective presidents in history.” Gee, I’m glad that Warren Harding and Millard Fillmore have now risen in the pantheon of great American presidents. Mitt blasted the president for lacking “a cogent assessment of world affairs. The Arab spring came, one of the greatest opportunities we’ve seen in decades, and we’ve been flatfooted.” The Republican candidate did not exactly outline what he thought should have been done because of fear that active actions would have angered Tea Party folk in Congress.

Let’s look at the record of the Arab Spring:

1. President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged Egyptian President Mubarak to cooperate with demonstraters and step down from office.

2. They have been urging the same thing to President Saleh of Yemen.

3. They instituted sanctions on President Assad of Syria and condemned his murder of his own people.

4. President Obama urged Israel to quickly reach an agreement with Palestinians only to be charged with selling out Israel by Republicans.

5. President Obama cooperated with NATO in Libya only to be attacked by the Tea Party.

OK, Mitt, what would YOU have done?