Mitt Romney, We Miss You!

The American people spent months in the company of Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for president in 2012. As I reflect on those months of listening to Mitt explain how he would end the recession and restore prosperity to the nation, it becomes increasingly clear the Mitt man was a lot smarter than the Boehner man. OK, so he fumbled a bit, OK, so he was for health care reform and then was against the plan he proposed for health care plan. At least, he had the semblance–at one time or another– of a plan. One must give him credit for never saying the prime goal of the Republican party was NOT doing anything. Imagine a political party whose program is not to have a program!

When all was said and done, Mitt actually HAD accomplished a few things as governor of Massachusetts. I miss those neat pictures of Mitt and the family. I miss those stories of dogs on top of cars. I miss Mitt with the grandkids. I miss that face which tried so hard to come across as concerned about people. And, I certainly miss those secret speeches dealing with his concern for poor people.

And, I am certain wealthy folk sure miss the man who defended them against the dirty hordes of poor folk!