Mitt Seeks Bain To Take Him Over!

As the primary season goes on and on and millions flow on and on to places they were not to be used, poor Mitt Romney finally has a money problem. He raised over $60 million and had that huge amount just a few weeks ago, but, alas, Rick and Newt and Ron continue in their quest for victory and that means spending Romney money. Mitt had Michigan locked up last month, but this month he trails behind sanctimonious Rick—that is to differentiate him from BS Rick of Texas.

We offer a humble suggestion to Mitt. Why not ask  Bain to take over his company, fire a few people, shake up the finance situation, pay themselves a nice healthy figure for righting a ship that was ready to sink, and prove once again that Bain is a job creator. At least in this situation it will create the job of president for a man who much prefers to fire every last person in order to fix the bottom line.

On the other hand, how about a Bain official to fire Mitt and take over as Republican candidate for president??