Mitt The Moderate??

During the coming months supporters  of Mitt Romney will proclaim their candidate will govern “from the middle” if elected. We will be assured that extreme comments made during the primaries concerning rights of women, need to make poor people suffer in order to teach them respect for their superiors or sending immigrants back to when they came from were simply comments made to halt more extreme candidates from gaining the nomination. MITT ROMNEY NEVER TOOK A STAND FOR HUMAN RIGHTS.

Who is this man? He was for abortion rights before he came out against them, he was for medical insurance for all before he came all out against it, he was for immigrant rights before he came out against them. Mitt Romney, if elected, will cater to the whims and desires of right wing fanatics because he was born without a backbone and without firm convictions in anything other than making money.

Mitt is definitely NOT his father’s son. Somewhere along the path of maturity he decided to be anti-father. His father had convictions about social justice and did not gain the presidency. That image is powerful for Mitt. He will fawn at the feet of every bigot, every Wall Street type, and every religious bigot if–the prize is power!