Mitt Thought He Could Win

New reports indicate that until the last day of the campaign Mitt Romney and his advisers believed he was headed for a huge victory. I assume they thought God had given him the gift of winning. After all, Mitt had spent months chatting with Mr. Adelson and the Koch brothers who shared his view of life and reality so what is so surprising that he believed in victory? Mitt shares with fellow Republicans a view of life that is divorced not only from reality but from views of most Americans.

This story helps to explain his anger at loss. He comes across as the biggest sore loser in the history of American politics. There is a fury, hurt pride, anger toward Americans who dared to vote for the black dude. Mitt not only did not grasp the essence of what constitutes an American, he simply has never understood that some, just a few, in this nation work their way up from nothing.  That is slightly a different  life status than working oneself up from a million!