Mitt Wants A Clean Campaign

Mitt Romney is very upset at criticism  being directed at  both Paul Ryan and himself. Mitt entered this presidential race with high hopes that both candidates would discuss issues rather than insult one another. Joe Biden made a speech in which he warned that Republicans wanted to empower Wall Street and it was time to  unchain the government from rule by Wall Street. Mitt  reacted with fury to the thought of Republicans being close to Wall Street. He thundered that President Obama wanted to “smash America apart and then cobble together 51 percent of the pieces. If an American president wins that way, we all lose.” He also argued “this is what an angry and desperate presidency looks like.”

Gee, I wish Barack would be more  honorable in discussing  Mitt and Paul. After all, can’t Barack be like Republicans who have repeatedly said:

1. Obama was born in Africa

2. Obama was not eligible to run for president since he was not native born.

3.  Obama was a Muslim.

4. The minister of his PROTESTANT church was a radical socialist.

5. Obama “hates America.”

6. Obama is a Socialist.

7. Obama does not think like a real American.

Let’s keep things civil.