Mitt, We Are Party Of Rich!

Mitt Romney was at a fund raiser in the state of Mississippi where he  boasted that Republicans represented the those in America who want to become rich and have gobs of money. He made clear, “we are accused of being the party of the rich. And it is an awful moniker, that’s not true. We’re the party of people who want to get rich.”‘ He did add those with money should do what it takes to “keep people from being poor.”

We offer some things Republicans can do for the poor:

1. End food stamps. This will lead to decrease in weight and prevent poor folk from getting obese. Thus, Republicans increase the life expectancy of poor people!

2. Reduce the minimum wage to $6 an hour which means more jobs. At $6 an hour one could earn the enormous sum of $1,000 a month. Get two jobs and one can earn $2,000 a month. Two jobs keeps one fit and trim, another example of Republicans helping to keep poor people healthy and live longer.

3. Urge wealthy folk to hire maids and nannies. This allows poor people to eat left overs and enable them to finally eat good food.

4. Once poor people get hungry they will pray to God. Thus, Republicans bring God into the everyday  lives of poor people.