Mitt’s Plan For Future

Mitt Romney recently told a gathering of businessmen that he has a plan to fix America and restore Job Creators to their role as Job Creators. He wants to eliminate Cabinet departments in Housing and Education. After all, any wealthy person can pay the tuition at Ivy League institutions, so why can’t poor people do the same?After all, what prevents them from full time at college and working at two jobs? If Abe Lincoln could study by firelight, than modern students can cease wasting time on sleep.

In Mitt’s American future. If you  are poor, there is always  work at fast food places or being a nanny. If you are poor, there is no need to become lazy by receiving food stamps. There are plenty of garbage bins that can be explored for food. Any major urban area has plenty of nice landfills filled with good things to wear or eat. Walking through them will provide exercise and end obesity. Once we end obesity America becomes a healthier nation–and IT DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY HANDOUTS FROM GOVERNMENT!