Mitt:What Went Wrong?

I understand there are many who actually claim that Barack Obama gained more votes than Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. Of course, this is simply another example of liberal bias in the media. Top Romney strategist, Stuart Stevens has presented the most analytical rationale for why Mitt lost the election. It was all the fault of his Republican opponents in the  primaries.

According to Stevens, “it was the earliest debates, the first and second debates.”By that point Governor Rick Perry was dead, but Mitt continued to prove that Perry was a secret liberal plant and he had to make certain Republicans knew that Mitt was the idiot conservative of the hour. Stevens believes in the process of wiping out Perry, Mitt wiped himself out as a successful presidential candidate.

The moral of this story is simple: Have liberals campaign in Republican primaries so Mitt can move further left than any of them and thus ensure victory in November.