Mixed Up Sex World Of Sweden!

The government of Sweden has among the most interesting approaches to the issue of sex, b but, unfortunately it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between those seeking and those offering sex. In January, 1999, Sweden criminalized the purchase of sex, but allowed individuals the right to sell sex. In theory, this decision was part of an effort to crack down on the trafficking of women from other parts of the world who were brought to Sweden by gangs seeking to exploit the women. The town council of Malmo just announced it would distribute free condoms to customers of prostitutes in order to reduce the possibility of disease.

In the world of Sweden, it is against the law to purchase sex from a woman, but it is perfectly legal to use a condom when having sex that is against the law. If one is against prostitution, why not abolish it, or if prostitution is to be legal, wouldn’t it make sense to supervise the operation and protect the health of both customer and seller?