Mobs Rage In Sectarian Violence in Nigeria

Historically, Nigeria has been divided between northern provinces which are mainly Muslim and southern areas which are predominantly Christian. Since the birth of Nigeria as an independent nation, tension between the groups has always been present and there have been numerous riots. During the past few days, new violence emerged in the city of Jos which has resulted in over 300 deaths at the latest account. Sheikh Khalid Abubakar said over 300 dead bodies had been brought to the main mosque and there are other bodies yet to be counted. In years past, sectarian riots led to the death of hundreds in this community.

Jo is on the dividing point between Christian and Muslim communities which lends itself to these forms of violent encounters. This battle began when both sides became angry at election results. More than 10,000 people have died in religious conflicts since civilian leaders assumed direction of the nation in 1999.

The blessings of religions which are based on leaders who espouse love and friendship between people.