Modern Israel- The Non-Jewish Nation

It is difficult for many who term themselves to be “Jewish” and live in the land of Israel to actually grasp the meaning of what constitutes the religion of Judaism. The United Nations and the European Union have made clear they both support the nation of Israel and seek its safety and right to develop. However, they also believe that Palestinians also have rights. Original founders of Israel-David ben Gurion or Golda Meier both supported the idea of equal rights for Palestinians. The original founders supported the idea of seeking the founding of a Palestinian nation based on 1967 borders. But, all too many modern Israelis ignore seizure of West Bank land by Jewish settlers, who also harass, destroy and even assault Palestinians while taking away their property. That is NOT the way a Jew behaves. The EU has now made clear they will not allow money to enter Israel that will be used in the West Bank to continue efforts that disregard the rights of Palestinians.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would rather refuse to accept millions of dollars for research than to go along with the non-West Bank clause. The clause requires Israel to make clear that no research money will be used in East Jerusalem, Gaza or the West Bank. Want research for ending cancer, which comes first-those with cancer or the greedy folk living in the West Bank on land “expropriated” Arab owners?