Modern Nazi Lovers??

World War II ended 68 years ago and left in its wake not only over forty million dead people, but millions of survivors who would never forget what the German people did in Europe. This March, German TV introduced a miniseries called “Unsere Mutter, Unsere Vater,” which means, “Our Mothers, Our Fathers.” The series describes lives of ordinary Germans who lived through the Holocaust that swept through Europe. Most Germans apparently enjoyed seeing film about World War II that depicts ordinary “innocent Germans” just trying to get along. However, many in Poland-three million Poles died– have a different take on the series. The Polish magazine, UwazamRze, concludes the series is simply an attempt to prove that Germans were “victims” of Hitler, not the perpetrators of horror.

In one scene a Jew who is in Poland has to hide his Jewish identity from anti-Semitic Polish resistance fighters. Polish commentators regard this idea as having “nothing to do with historial reality.” Sorry, it is historically valid and the evidence is overwhelming. Perhaps, Poles would like to deny murdering hundreds of Jews AFTER the war ended!

There are decent people who were in Germany and decent people who were in Poland, it was a horror and it cannot be changed. Portraying Chancellor Merkel in a Concentration Camp picture is not funny. It is sad