Mom Gets Short Shift From Judge

Ursula Nevins, 24, is a mother of two small children, and as riots broke out all over Manchester, she simply was too tired to even watch events on TV, preferring to hit the sack and get some sleep. Ursula was woken up by her housemate, Gemma Corbett, who shouted with glee about looting stuff from stores and she gave a pair of shorts to Ursula. Unfortunately, Ms. Corbett has a bit mouth and soon police arrived at the house, and arrested both Corbett and Nevins. Ms. Nevins was sentenced to jail by the judge. Fortunately, another judge freed the mom and gave her 75 hours of community service.

In the island of England over the past ten years, men and women have been looting and killing millions of people by use of crooked economic schemes. They not only boast of their crimes, but enjoy wealth produced by them. Frankly, most would consider it a bad joke to be charged with looting shorts, they prefer selling short and making  money. How many economic criminals are in jail? How many are doing community service?

I forgot that under capitalism, taking a pair of shorts stolen by someone else is among the most horrible crimes known to humanity. Stealing from people in the stock market or accepting money from lobbyists is not a crime against humanity. Just good old capitalist common sense!