Mom In Cancer Scam

There are scams in life and there are scams, but the one pulled by lynn Schnuphase must rank as the most sordid in many a year. The unemployed mother decided she needed money regardless of what it entailed to get the dough. She shaved the head of her son, put drugs in his food to make him lethargic and went around telling the world the boy had cancer. Each week, she shaved his head, shaved his eyebrows and used drugs in his apple sauce to help create an image of a boy suffering the effects of cancer. She even held fund raisers at her church and made sorrowful pleas to members of the church about her son’s plight and the need for money to ensure he received proper treatment. The charade began last December and roped in dozens of people who were only too happy to save the life of a young boy.

The real story behind this story is why people are paying for cancer treatment. In a society based on concepts of equal rights, a government sponsored health care system would ensure there was no need to solicit funds from the public. Capitalism only leads to fraud and deceit and abuse of human rights.