Mom Plus Mom Or Mom Plus Dad?

Two American researchers have investigated how children raised in a lesbian marriage contrast with children raised in a typical mom and dad one in order to uncover any differences in the outcome for children. Judith Stacey and Timothy Biblarz conclude with -not much difference. The most important factor emerging from their study is a bit of common sense, good parenting is what counts for children, not the sex of their parents. Their study suggests lesbian parents play more with their children, spend more time with them, and were less likely to impose physical discipline. “There’s a teeny bit of evidence that boys with two mothers were just as masculine on the scales that we use to measure such things, but they did turn out a little bit higher on their feminine scale.”

One factor that might be significant is when two women make the decision to have a child is indicates a powerful drive to mother and father the child. Their study hopefully lays to rest doubts about what happens when children have two moms. As anyone reading these words knows from their own lives, it is the character of mother or father not their sex which is critical.