Mom Who Loves

There are mothers in history who have special relations with their sons, there are mothers who dote on their sons, their are mothers who seek for their sons to become famous, and their are mothers who intend to send their sons to death. Zubeidat Tsarnaev is a mother of all seasons. She rambles on and on about how her sweet little boys were framed by the CIA because they had nothing to do with the Boston Marathon explosions. Undoubtedly, in her view Mossad was probably behind the explosions as they did on 9/11 when this notorious organization framed Osama bin Laden. A Russian tape reveals that mom urged her eldest son, Tamerian to go on a jihad for peace and murder some folk.

To be a parent means to be a person whose primary aim in life is for the life of each of her children. This is one sick mom and she helped to shape two sick children. One is dead, the other most probably will become dead while she rants and raves about conspiracies. There is only  one conspiracy and the person engaged in this act was –mom.