“Moment Of Truth” In Middle East?

Tony Blair, the Quartet representative in the Middle East, told the Jerusalem Post that events in the Middle East were fast coming down to either important decisions are made or the region will face the possibility of further disaster. We’ve reached, “the moment of truth” as to which direction the area will go. Meanwhile, King Abdullah told the Times that all eyes will be focused on Washington in the coming weeks as Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has his first meeting with President Obama who already has made clear the United States supports a two state solution. The King warned, “if the call is in May that this is not the right time or we are not interested, then the world is going to be sucked into another conflict in the Middle East.”

The King in his recent meeting with Obama presented the Arab League proposal which calls for recognition of Israel in exchange for return to the 1967 borders and East Jerusalem being the capital of a new Palestinian state. The proposal is what Israel wanted forty years ago and now that dream can be achieved.

The Arabs and Israelis are both sick and tired of another set of talks that end up with plans to hold further meetings. It is time for action that meets the needs and aspirations of all concerned parties.