Money Brings Peace To Ukraine

Up until a few days ago, the situation in Ukraine appeared dark for the hope of peace, but suddenly things are becoming quiet and Russian soldiers are the border will soon back off. Why? Rinat Akhmetov is the richest person in eastern Ukraine and he owns factories in which over 300,000 people work. His estimated wealth is about $12 billion. The plant owner pointed out a simple fact to his workers, many of whom were deeply involved in the movement to have eastern Ukraine secede from the rest of the country. He quietly informed his workers that if eastern Ukraine joins Russia, most probably the plants would close since their economic future lies in the west, not the east. Within days, “worker patrols”were in the cities of eastern Ukraine and those who had taken over government buildings quietly and peacefully left.

Barriers are being removed, officials are being asked to return to their jobs. The Ukraine flag has returned. There is scant likelihood of more violence. In the end, jobs and economics triumphed over the desire upon a part of the population to return to Mother Russia. Much better to seek Father Akhmetov!