Money Triumphs Over Justice In UK!

A new report by a US Senate committee reveals former Prime Minister Tony Blair and his successor, Gordon Brown, agreed to free the Lockerbie bomber in order to assist British Petroleum to gain a coveted $900 million oil deal with the Libyan government. The Libyan government threatened to void that contract as well as one with General Dynamics unless convicted murderer, Abdel Baset Ali aal-Magrahi was released from jail. A statement was given the Scottish government that al-Magrahi had prostrate cancer and would die within three months. Of course, two years later the criminal is still alive. It turns out the report concerning his supposed cancer came from three doctors who were hired by the Libyan government to come up with that conclusion. The report bluntly states the prognosis by doctors was “inaccurate and unsupported by medical science.” The Scottish government went along with the cover up in order to protect BP and its money. Scottish officials “ignored the advice of Scottish prostrate cancer specialists” and relied upon advice from the hired guns.

The only beneficiary of assistance on “compassionate ground” was BP which needed government compassion in order to make millions of dollars. One wonder what Tony Blair has to say for himself, after all, he now gives lectures on morality.