Mongolians Clash Over Wealth Distribution

Politics in most nations of the world invariably turns on issues of money– who gets it and who does not. Mongolians had an election in the past few days and now thousands of disappointed people are clashing with government forces claiming the election was fixed by the ruling MPRP which walked away with 46 seats in a 76 seat parliament. There are complaints concerning vote fraud by minority parties against the MPRP which has ruled since Mongolia broke away from Soviet domination in 1990.

The underlying cause for conflict about the election is the recent discovery of vast amounts of gold, copper, and coal which, once mined, will bring in large amounts of money to the people of Mongolia. The issue is who controls the wealth. The MPRP wants the government to control at least 51% of all companies that undertake exploitation of resources. Opposition parties prefer local Mongolian private companies to be in charge. One can only suspect they fear having such wealth come under control of the government. Modern Russia is an example of what happens when government is completely in control.