Mongols Here First Say Mongols

A Mongolian professor is arguing that his ancestors were the first to arrive in the Americas prior to the European arrival. Sumiya Jambaldonj, of ChingisKhan University argues that names and implements found in Alaska are definitely of Mongolian heritage. Mongolian words like Ataka and Ushta which mean “small place’ are certainly analogous to ones found in English or Indian languages. Indian words like “hagaan which mean “ancestor” in Mongolian are found in the Americas. He notes that tools found in the Aleutian islands are only found in the Gobi desert.

The ongoing debate as to who arrived first in the Americas goes on and on. Actually, there i no debate since everyone agrees the original inhabitants of the western hemisphere arrived anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. We are all Mongolians under the skin.