Monitor College Students In UK!

At Nottingham University in England, security officers play an active role in monitoring activities of those deemed to be threats to the very existence of the nation. They keep a log on seminars, lectures and meetings in which people discuss issues about the Middle East or engage in dialogue concerning policies in that region of the world. Rizwaan Sabir was reported to police because he downloaded an Al-Qaeda training manual which certainly indicates this student could not be trusted. OH, he was using the material as part of his dissertation project, but in these days, one must be careful as to what one writes about. After all, the thought police may not like your scholarly topic! Security also alerted authorities when Rizwaan got help from Hicham Yezza who worked with him on a proposal for funding that dealt with their student magazine. ‘

The bottom line is an academic institution can not exist if it reports to the police regarding activities of students. It is interesting how Nottingham University security reports on Muslim students, but does not report on Israel or Jewish students. West Bank Jewish settlers have engaged in terrorist activities against Palestinians, shouldn’t that result in monitoring all Jewish students in the UK. After all, all Muslim students are, by definition, suspect due to activities of Muslim terrorists!