Monk Of The Hour!

I am a member of the human race at a time in history of this planet when many folk believe they must adhere to one form or another of religion because it is only through love of God that peace can come to all humankind. We have countless religious folk insisting that God is on their side as they murder, rape and pillage. Wirapol Sukphol is a monk in Thailand, or at least he claims to be a monk. He arrived in the village of Nom Jan, got a hut and soon had many women attending to his needs. He needs time to contemplate what to say to God and how to figure out how to rip off people. A 70 year old woman who works her butt off in the fields sent her granddaughter Ying to work for the monk. Naturally, he raped the girl who got pregnant and did a few other things that did not please villagers. Following are current charges against the 33 year old monk

Statutory rape, tax evasion, drug use, false academic representation, money laundering, claim to possess supernatural powers, and manslaughter. He has an 11 year old son by Ying but lacks the time to care for them. He is simply one of 200,000 thousands monks who spend their lives thinking about God. I have a hunch many like Wirapol spend their time figuring out scams to make money and lead the good life.

What some use God to accomplish!