Monks And Dissidents Claim Bloodbath In Myanmar

Burmese monks who fled to Indonesia together with thousands of Indonesian monks protested against what they claim is a bloodbath taking place in Myanmar. Bo Kyi, an activist monk commented: “We monitor what is happening through links with most activist groups and monasteries and even several officers in the military.” Based on those reports, it is believed hundreds were killed and over 2000 imprisoned in the latest effort by the Burmese military junta to crush any opposition to their despotic regime. Khun Seung claimed “We believe hundreds of protestors were killed during the protests. In one incident more than 20 bodies were found floating in the water.”

The growing anger of Burmese dissidents suggests the possibility of further protests as the economic situation of their nation continues its downward movement. The fact exiled monks have contacts with military officers suggests there is even a possibility of members of the military siding with dissidents. Now is the time for China, India, and the United Nations to exert even more pressure on the military junta. As pressure increases, it encourages members of the military who disagree with their leadership to take even bolder steps to challenge the thugs who run the government and restore democracy to Burma.