Moral Decline Of South Africa!

The people of South Africa were outstanding in their fight to achieve a democratic society so it is distressing to witness those who fought for freedom to abandon the fight for democracy in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe is a thug who has ordered opponents to be beaten, raped and killed in order to maintain power, but this apparently does not bother the leaders of South Africa. Once again, the magic word of “colonialism” was used to cover up support for petty dictator.

Keith Khoza,speaking for the African National Congress, justified support for a murderer and rapist by  announcing, “we are consolidating our relationship as a former liberation movement and we are supporting them.” In other words, the ANC will back Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party despite its record of brutalizing people in Zimbabwe. Instead of backing the Movement for Democratic  Change and its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, the ANC will allow gangsters masquerading as “liberators” to continue their reign of murder and rape in Zimbabwe.

Shame on the African National Congress for abandoning the people of Zimbabwe.

  • Mark Marquis

    There has never been a successful black government in the history of the world, so why would that suddenly change . It is quite evident that South Africa today is in a terminal decline in virtually every possible category, at one time Rhodesia  and South Africa were the two most advanced countries in Africa , but those were countries built by Europeans and run by Europeans, now that they are being mismanaged by majority black governments ( and we use those terms loosely ) it is inevitable that , life expectancy decline and mediocrity in the sciences , and modern economics is a certainty. 

  • Fred Stopsky

    You apparently do not know the history of Africa which contains numerous African governments. Egyptians came in numerous colors of skin. The Zulu once were a great nation.