There is one certainty in life-regardless of the society, the religion, the political system, or cultural beliefs, those who lead military forces share common values and ideas. They all adhere to the dogma of MORE. Give them more planes, more weapons, more soldiers, more tanks, just give them more and the fight will conclude in a victory. Or, the fight will NOT conclude in a victory because those fighting need MORE weapons. Since 1950, only one American president reduced military expenditures –Dwight Eisenhower. Of course, during WWII he was General Dwight Eisenhower and understood the minds of military leaders.

The Pentagon is on the offense. Reports from Congress about debt reductions that would include military expenditures have raised the red flag of LESS when all who are members of the military know we need the green flag of MORE. OK, so the US “Defense”budget equals the sum total of ALL military expenditures by other nations. OK, so we have been fighting in Afghanistan for ten years and the outlook appears it will require at least another ten to conclude, finish, wind down, or whatever is the task.

I have a hunch we could begin reducing the size of our officer corps and find out if that leads to greater or lesser success.