More Jobs, More Hope

Republican candidates for the presidential nomination just completed telling the people of Iowa the economy was getting worse month by month because we do not have officials in government who solicit the ideas and thoughts of God. If only more in the Obama administration would  get on their knees and beseech the Almighty for jobs, there would be more jobs. However, despite lack of such prayers to  the Big Guy in the sky, the month of December witnessed a growth of 325,000 jobs. Jobless claims also declined.

It is such figures which create distress to members of the Republican party. They do NOT pray to God for more jobs, they pray to God for HIGHER UNEMPLOYMENT in order to blame all ills upon the head of Barack Obama. After all, it was his fault our national debt doubled under the administration of George Bush. It was his fault that unemployment rose under the Bush administration.

I guess George simply did not pray long or hard enough to God. Or, God was busy handling other life forms.