More Lesbians Separated From Military Than Gays

The Pentagon has uncovered a rather interesting fact– although women account for 15% of the armed forces, lesbians represent one-third of those who are separated from the military due to the infamous, “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. According to Professor Belkin of the University of California: “It’s very clear the military comes down harder on women than on men, but the question of whether they come down harder on lesbians than gay men is harder to answer.” However, these latest statistics may provide proof the military is coming down harder on lesbian soldiers. Ironically, the Pentagon can investigate this issue because regulations forbid any investigation as long as gays and lesbians maintain their silence regarding sexual preferences.

Air Force figures leave no doubt as to what is happening in our military. Although women constitute 20 per cent of the Air Force, they account for 61% of those discharged due to the gay/lesbian policy of the armed forces. Oh well, we are only in the 21st century, perhaps, when we enter the 22nd this policy might be abandoned.