More Military Aid To Pakistan

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, standing side-by-side with the foreign minister of Pakistan, announced the US was sending another $2 billion in military aid to the Pakistan army. However, she did make clear none of that money would go to certain units in the Pak army which engage in violations of human rights. I am a bit confused, if we deny aid to Pakistan forces which violate human rights, exactly who in that army would actually get military aid? The reality is our enemies in Afghanistan are al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and Pakistan’s secret service, the ISI which plays a key role in controlling what militants do in Afghanistan. This is among the strangest wars ever fought by the American military. We fight an enemy which is being supplied by one of our allies who receive weapons from us that can eventually be sent to the people we are fighting. Oh well, I am not a military expert and lack insight into reasons for this unusual stance on our part.

There will not be any “victory” in Afghanistan until there is first a “victory” in Pakistan. That victory would consist of the Pakistan military agreeing to engage in the war in Afghanistan on OUR SIDE, not that of the Taliban.