More Troops, More Deaths, More Taliban

Each passing day produces evidence a policy of sending more NATO and American troops into southern areas of Afghanistan in order to drive out Taliban forces invariably results in more attacks, more wounded and more soldiers dying. Richard Barrett, for UK counter-terrorism director told the media: “Foreign troops push into areas where they have never been before and if the Taliban are there, they will start fighting. Then, it is not calm. It’s not calm because foreign troops have pushed in.” So far this year, IED bombings are up 90% compared to figures for this same period in 2009. Of course, the rationale defended by advocates of more troops is the necessity to create calm areas, train Afghan forces, and once they move in, out will go soldiers from the West. An interesting theory which lacks a single shred of evidence it will work.

Reality is we are stuck, we are in a rut, and we don’t have a clue as to ways of extricating our forces from a nation lacking honest and effective leaders. Reality, is at the current pace, expect American troops to be fighting in the hills of Afghanistan in 2015.