More Trouble In Pakistan

If Pakistan did not have enough trouble, they have more headed for a final resolution either today or in the coming weeks. Nawaz Sharif, who heads the Pakistan Muslim League-N, has been told by the courts of his country that both he and his brother are barred from running for office in the province of Punjab which is the nation’s most significant state. He is furious at the Supreme Court which has consistently ruled against him and blames President Zardari for being the man behind the scenes determining who can or cannot rule against him. The prior head of the Indian Supreme, Iftikhar Chaudhry, was sacked by former President Musharraf and Sharif wants him restored to office. He is attempting to organize a march of thousands or hundreds of thousands who would demand the restoration to power of Chaudhry. Sharif assumes once in office, the new Supreme Court justice will allow him to run for public office.

The problem at this time is looming in the coming days is a march by thousands of lawyers, continued instability in tribal areas, and a nation whose economy is declining as militants gain more power in the nation, A basic issue is how does Pakistan get someone in charge who can run the country. Who knows, the Pakistan might decide they have to step in.