Morgan Tsvangirai Detained Again

The situation in Zimbabwe worsens as President Mugabe continues tightening the screws on opposition parties and organizations who dare challenge his rule. Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the Movement for Democratic Change was detained by police for the second time in a week. The police are employing this form of harassment in order to prevent the MDC leader from pursuing his campaign for the presidency. A group that was awaitng his arrival at one meeting was attacked by police and ten sent to the hospital with injuries. Members of the government Zanu-PF party abducted 18 MDC followers and it is unclear what happened to those taken away. They most probably were beaten. Student leaders were arrested for protesting the violence of Mugabe.

The list of people who were arrested or beaten or killed goes on and on as President Mugabe and Army leaders make certain the victor in the June run-off for president will carry the name of Mugabe.