Morgan Tsvangirai Withdraws From “Election”

Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) announced he was withdrawing from further participation in the violent plagued “election” that is now underway in his nation. “We in the MDC cannot ask them(voters) to cast their vote on the 27th when that vote will cost them their lives. We can no longer participate in this violent, illegitimate sham of an election process.” He called upon the United Nations, the African Union and the South African Development Community to intervene and protect the lives of people in his nation. An estimated 86 supporters of the MDC are already dead and 200,000 displaced from their homes. This weekend, an MDC rally was attacked by thugs from the ruling Zanu-PF party who used iron bars, sticks and other weapons to beat up journalists and people in the crowd.

The African Union and SADC must immediately oust Zimbabwe from their ranks and make clear to Mugabe he is not welcomed in their midst. Any Zimbabwe leader who leaves their nation on a trip should be arrested and placed on trial.