Mormons Mocked In Moscow

A week after Russian President Vladimir Putin warned his nation about “foreign agents” who seek to impose their totalitarian ideas upon the democratic society of Putin land, Russian youth organized rallies to protest against the Mormon religion. Of course, in the good old days when Mormons were considered a cult rather than Christians, these young people would have been warmly supported by the Reverend Billy Graham, but, alas, Billy doesn’t want some  black Christian dude as president.

Protests  by  United Russia’s Young Guard were aimed at making clear that any foreign group which spent money in Russia was now considered part of a conspiracy against the government. Ironically, Tag Romney arrived in Moscow to solicit money from wealthy Russians. In other words, a representative of a foreign cult was in Moscow seeking money from foreigners who are not supposed to be giving money to American presidential candidates.

Oh well, I am certain Fox News is 100% in favor of getting money from foreign sources–provided the money heads into the bank accounts of Republicans?