Morocco Election May See Victory For Islamic Party

Tomorrow’s election in Morocco will probably witness a triumph for the Justice and Development Party(JDP) whose goals are remarkably similar to the Justice and Development Party of Turkey. Both are Islamic in leadership, but also pragmatic in seeking to stimulate the economy rather than engage in rhetoric about wiping out Israel or seeking to impose strict religious practices upon the nation. It should gain about 90 seats in the 325 lower house of the legislature. It promises to end corruption, create an independent judiciary, and uphold the law. Its main competitor will be the Democratic Bloc which contains more secular minded Moroccans.

King Mohamed IV will undoubtedly support this move toward democracy. Two Jews will be running for Parliament, Maggie Cacoun and Youssef Levi who are members of the Social Middle Party. The best known Jewish political leader in Morocco, Andre Azuoulay, is a current adviser to the King.

President Bush is so caught up in rhetoric about democracy and fighting terrorism that he ignores two interesting political developments at the eastern and western ends of the Mediterranean Sea — Turkey and Morocco have moderate religious political parties that are working to establish effective governments. Perhaps, Hamas might learn something from their Moroccan and Turkish colleagues — end the era of rhetoric about destroying Israel and work to create effective modern governments.