Morsi-Appointment IN Samarra

There is an old Arab legend of a servant who went into the market place and by accident encountered Death. He rushed home to tell his master who then became frightened and decided to flee to the city of Samarra. The servant returned to t he marketplace where he complained to Death about frightening his master. Death responded: “I am sorry, I was just going through this city on my way to Samarra where I have an appointment.” Mohammed Morsi has bungled the job of President since day one of his “election.” He never was elected by a majority of Egyptians which  should have emphasized the importance of reaching out to all groups in society. Instead, he pursued a power grab which provided the Muslim Brotherhood with all power.

Morsi has departed. Instead of Death, he encountered the Egyptian military. General Abdel Sisi has performed the role of Death and ended Morsi’s dream of power to the MB. Egypt needs a coalition government in which all major factions have a voice and that includes the Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi was the wrong man at the right time.