Morsi Believes In God

Mohamed Morsi was elected president of Egypt.  About fifty percent of people voted and he  received 515 of the vote. In other words, he is currently supported by about 24% of the people in Egypt. Morsi has decided to play the game of being a demagogue and promising whatever he thinks people want. He boasted of his ability to free the blind sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman who currently is in jail in the United States for trying to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993.

Egypt has massive unemployment, it has a corrupt government, it lacks a modern infrastructure, it has unresolved issues  of religious freedom, so what does Morsi want to do–free a prisoner who is in an American jail!! Morsi shouts, “I fear no one but God.” Great, he is more powerful than God. If so, how about creating a dynamic Egyptian economy? How about getting women equal rights?

With  Morsi at the head of Egypt, one can only fear the worst.